Weekly I try to locate fascinating stories to share with my readers. I’m sure you can predict, sometimes I can’t find much to share. So I can’t guarantee the best post you are ever going to read, but it’s the best I could find with this week’s stories. Here are the things that we discovered for this week.

Name: John Shedor Email: parcel1907@gmail.com Lost an ash to EAB. Is Sienna Glen Maple good choice? Prefer “seedless” and I am told that tree will have showy red flowers early spring and some “fruit.” Can anyone tell me what is meant by “fruit&rdq…Sienna Glen Maple tree

Tree work does not have to be boring. It can in fact be quite amazing. As you can see, in some cases it’s even notable enough to make headlines. Even though it does not happen frequently, when it does, we’ll attempt to share it with you. Be sure to check in frequently to find out more about exactly what’s taking place in the tree care world.

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