Weekly I search for fascinating stories to share with my followers. As you can predict, sometimes I can’t find much to share. So I can’t guarantee the best post you are ever going to read, but it is the best I could find with this week’s headlines. Below are what we found for today.

Name: Sara Spalding Email: gary.spalding@sbcglobal.net The strong wind of a storm uprooted a 30-ft blue spruce. The roots still are covered by dirt. However, we are afraid another strong wind will knock it over, as it now is leaning on another blue spruce next to it. What we can do to save it?…Tree in peril

There were a couple of things that I thought were pretty cool. I’ll have to confess that I find this stuff rather exciting and I understand that many people don’t. However since this is my blog site, I’ll write about whatever I desire! Besides, I bet there are at least a couple of people that also discover some of this intriguing. And those are the people I maintain this blog site for. So go ahead and let me know exactly what you think. Please share this post if you like it.

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