Each week I try to find interesting tales to share with my followers. I’m sure you can predict, sometimes I can’t find much to share. So I can’t guarantee the best article you’re ever going to read, but it is the best I could find with this week’s stories. Here are exactly what we found for today.

Name: Chris Mest Email: aghawk60018@yahoo.com If you love trees like I do, how about having a living Christmas tree this year. You can have a “real” tree inside and then plant it outside after the holidays. http://www.livingchristmastrees.com/ Be sure to dig the hole now before the ground completely freezes….Living Christmas trees

There were a few things that I thought were rather cool. I’ll confess that I find this stuff rather exciting and I know that most people don’t. But considering that this is my blog site, I’ll discuss whatever I want! I bet there are at least a few people that also think some of this fascinating. And those are the people I manage this blog site for. Go ahead and tell me what you think. If you like it, please share this post.

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