I make every effort to stay on top of the most current arborist information, so below you will find some of the recent trends concerning trees. These are just stories that I thought were worth repeating.

The winter is a great time to remove or prune trees because trees are dormant, and many trees can be pruned anytime of the year.  In the cold months, home owners usually do not think about their trees, mostly because their time spent outdoors is limited.  Many people cling to the indoors du…Seasonal Transitions and Winter Tree Work

Tree work doesn’t need to be boring. It can really be quite interesting. As you can see, in some cases it ares noteworthy enough to make headings. Even though it doesn’t happen typically, when it does, we’ll try to share it with you. Make certain to return frequently to read even more about exactly what’s going on in the tree care universe.

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