Some individuals could say that there really aren’t any news worthy stories in the aboriculture market however, would state they were wrong! Below are a number of stories I found fascinating enough to call it news.

Are your trees drowning? OK, we know they probably aren’t as flooded as the trees in this picture, but our point still stands! As heavy snow melts into spring, you’ll likely find your trees sitting in soil saturated with water. Too much water sitting at the base of a tree can cause a myriad of problems; it’s almost as bad for trees as too little water!read more…This Spring: Watch Out for Flood Injury!

So there were a couple of things that I thought were pretty cool. I’ll have to admit that I find this subject rather amazing and I know that a lot of people do not. But considering that this is my blog site, I’ll write about whatever I want! I wager there are at least a couple of people that likewise find some of this fascinating. And those are individuals I maintain this blog site for. So go ahead and let me know exactly what you think. If you like it, please share this post.

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