Each week I look for interesting tales to share with my followers. As you can predict, sometimes there’s not much to share. So I can’t guarantee the best post you’re ever going to come across, but it is the best I could find with this week’s headlines. Below are what we found for today.

There are a lot of misconceptions about the appropriateness “tree topping,” a very controversial and damaging tree care practice. For the unfamiliar, tree topping is defined as “the removal of main tree branches to stubs in either a straight-across hedge fashion – or a complete delimbing of the tree, leaving only the main trunk or trunks of a tree.”read more…Topping is for Ice Cream, Not Trees!

Tree work doesn’t need to be uninteresting. It can actually be rather interesting. As you can see, in some cases it ares noteworthy enough to make headlines. Although it doesn’t occur typically, when it does, we’ll try to bring it to your attention. Be sure to check back frequently to find out more about exactly what’s occurring in the tree care universe.

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