Some individuals may claim that there really aren’t any news worthy stories in the arborist market but, we’d say they’re incorrect! Here are a number of stories I found interesting enough to call it news.

If you have ever escaped from blazing hot sun in a shady spot under a tree, you know how these natural air conditioners can make you feel more comfortable. A mature shade tree can block up to 90 percent of solar radiation, which could translate to a significant reduction in your home cooling more…Trees: Nature’s Air Conditioners

So there were a few things that I thought were quite cool. I have to admit that I think this subject is rather exciting and I know that many people don’t. But because this is my blog, I’ll blog about whatever I desire! Besides, I suspect there are at least a few people that likewise discover a few of this intriguing. And those are the people I manage this blog for. So go ahead and tell me exactly what you think. If you like it, please share this post.

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