Weekly I search for interesting stories to share with my followers. I’m sure you can predict, sometimes I can’t find much to share. So I can’t guarantee the best post you’re ever going to read, but it is the best I could find with this week’s stories. Here are the things that we discovered for today.

Each month, TCIA runs a summary of “Accident Briefs,” which are taken from published reports or are reported directly to TCIA staff. TCIA encourages our members (and all tree care companies) to review the incidents and consider using them as a basis for, or incorporation into, a tailgate safety meeting.read more…June 2014 Accident Briefs

Tree work does not need to be uninteresting. It can really be quite interesting. As you can see, occasionally it’s even significant enough to make headings. Although it does not take place typically, when it does, we will try to share it with you. Make certain to check back often to check out more about exactly what’s going on in the arborist world.

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