I strive to remain on top of all of the most recent arborist information, so below you’ll find some of the recent happenings regarding trees. I’m not pretending that they are Pulitzer material, but I figured I would share anyway.

  What a turnout! More than 50 advocates’ in-training jammed into our classroom to attend the Stand Up For Trees (SUFT) workshop this past Saturday. If this is your first time hearing of SUFT, it’s our one-day advocacy workshop where we train up individuals to know how to advocate for trees — and other things […]…ICYMI: Stand Up For Trees Recap

Tree work doesn’t have to be dull. It can actually be quite interesting. As you can see, sometimes it’s even significant enough to make headlines. Although it doesn’t happen typically, when it does, we will try to bring it to your attention. Make sure to check in regularly to find out even more about what’s happening in the arborist universe.

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