I strive to keep on top of the most current arborist news, so here are some of the current trends concerning trees. I’m not pretending that they are award winning, but I thought they were interesting.

Lawns and trees have been slugging it out for dominance for years, with homeowners picking their favorite contender and often swapping allegiance mid-fight. People want both a prize lawn and champion trees. The problem? This isn’t a truce that is easy to negotiate in most arenas. Chad Diller read more…Lawns & Trees: The Battle of the Ages

Tree work doesn’t need to be dull. It can really be quite interesting. As you can see, sometimes it’s even noteworthy enough to make headings. Even though it doesn’t take place typically, when it does, we’ll attempt to share it with you. Make sure to return regularly to read even more about exactly what’s taking place in the tree care world.

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