I strive to remain on top of the most current aboriculture information, so below are a few of the recent happenings regarding trees. These are just stories that I thought were worth repeating.

The Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) reviewed 126 occupational tree care accidents reported by the media, OSHA and industry colleagues in 2014. Of these, 81 were fatal. The median age of the victim for all incidents was 42.  read more…Occupational Tree Care Accidents in 2014

Tree work doesn’t have to be uninteresting. It can really be rather interesting. As you can see, sometimes it ares noteworthy enough to make headings. Even though it doesn’t occur often, when it does, we’ll try to share it with you. Make certain to check in regularly to read more about exactly what’s taking place in the arborist world.

Here’s additional information regarding tree specialists

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