Some people might claim that there really aren’t any news worthy stories in the arborist market but, we’d say they were incorrect! Here are a number of stories I thought were interesting enough to call it information.

Trees Bring People Downtown Street trees are making downtown Dillon, Montana a destination, according to 20-year resident Tery Hursh. Businesses and civic organizations in the 4,132-person town have joined with the Dillon Tree Board to plant trees and enhance the &hell…Tery Hursh, Physician Assistant and Clinic Owner, Dillon, MT

So there were a few things that I thought were rather cool. I’ll have to admit that I find this subject rather interesting and I know that the majority of people do not. Because this is my blog site, I’ll write about whatever I want! I wager there are at least a few people that also find some of this fascinating. And those are individuals I maintain this blog site for. Go ahead and let me know what you think. Please share this post if you like it.

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