Some people may state that there actually are not any news worthy stories in the tree care market but, would say they’re incorrect! Below are a few stories I thought were interesting enough to call it news.

Chris and Sue Bridger, Munn Lawn & TractorLast month, the Independent We Stand team completed their sixth road trip, known as the “Main Street Make Us Better” tour. The team traveled over 2,000 miles, bringing awareness to the Independent We Stand movement. They interviewed business owners– from Detroit to Boston- about the impacts that small locally-owned businesses can have on local economies. Over the cours…Independent We Stand Visits STIHL Dealers on Their Sixth Road Trip

There were a couple of things that I thought were quite cool. I will confess that I think this subject is rather amazing and I understand that a lot of individuals don’t. However because this is my blog site, I’ll blog about whatever I desire! I bet there are at least a couple of individuals that likewise find some of this fascinating. And those are individuals I keep this blog site for. Go ahead and let me know exactly what you think. Please share this post if you like it.

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