I make every effort to keep on top of all of the most up to date tree care news, so right here are a few of the current happenings regarding trees. I’m not saying they’re award winning, but I figured I would share anyway.

(Malus X Domestica) The Stayman Winesap is unique to other apples for its exceptional characteristics. It was developed in 1866 by Dr. Stayman and believed to be an improvement over its parent tree the winesap. The Stayman was popular to … Continue reading →…Stayman Winesap Apple: The Successor

There were a few things that I thought were pretty cool. I’ll confess that I think this stuff is rather exciting and I understand that many individuals don’t. Since this is my blog, I’ll write about whatever I desire! I wager there are at least a few individuals that likewise find some of this interesting. And those are individuals I maintain this blog for. So go on and tell me exactly what you think. If you like it, please share this post.

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